Norenosayu Agro Allied Limited

A Trusted Name in Agricultural Industry


A Renowned Exporters in the "AGRO" Industry

Norenosayu Agro Allied Limited, a subsidiary of Norenosayu Nigeria limited An agro-allied company located in Lagos State, South West of Nigeria in West Africa. We are in the business of agro products since 2008. It is the group of companies with much interest in agro-business in every sector of agro value chains with export certification to the USA and other countries of the world. We offer good quality farm produce directly from the farms that are consumable by our customers. We are always prompt to deliver our products to our customers without causing them any inconvenience. Our services are all about our customer’s satisfaction.


Our Global Reach

As a leading exporter in the agro-business of the Nigerian market, we value our customers more than anything else. We want to utilize our knowledge in providing the best quality products from Nigeria to our clients to satisfy their business requirements. As a leading name in the agro-product export industry, we have a long clientele that includes organizations from Europe, Mediterranean Countries, Middle East, Asia, USA, Canada, etc. We are happy to state that the list of happy clients of Norenosayu is augmenting day by day.

Key Success of Company

• Excellent knowledge of all products which are grown in this part of Nigeria
• Excellent understanding of the customers’ requirements
• Strict control of the calibrating and cleaning processes
• Precise control of the buying of raw material
• Hard-work of all the members of the family
• Flexible solutions of the customers’ needs
• Competitive prices and high quality
• Honesty and loyalty



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